Thank you for looking after one of my best friends so well | Designer Travel

Dear Natalie,

As the owner of Furnishing Interiors, I am used to vetting all the people and companies that I instruct to undertake any work, and should they not complete the task to highest standards or if they prove to be unreliable in any way they will never be used by me again.

I recently completed the supply and installation of roller blinds in one of my close friend’s homes, and we were having a chat as you do. She mentioned she had been searching online for her next holiday. So, I suggested she speak to Natalie, I met Natalie at BNI almost a year ago. I have got to know Natalie well since and have heard so many positive reports from various peoples travels that she has arranged.

Anne, spoke with Natalie, and booked her trip, and since then they have booked quite a few more. I have asked Anne to give a little testimonial for Natalie for me to share, this is what she wrote:

“Which holiday brochure to look in?
What travel company to use?
Am I paying over the odds?
Are there any excursions I could book whilst I’m there?
Any suggestions on hotels/ accommodation?
What is the cost?
This is the sort of holiday I’d like, where would you suggest?

That was my old life!!!

Since being in contact with Natalie thinking holidays is so much more relaxed- because she practically does it all for you and the price seems to work out cheaper too!!
She’s excellent- Like I said- you’re stuck with us now Natalie!!

Now, where’s my globe!”

Thank you for looking after one of my best friends so well.

Yours sincerely


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