Itinerary by sea to New Zealand and Australia

Itinerary by sea to New Zealand and Australia

Round The World Itinerary by sea to New Zealand & Australia

Package included multiple ultra luxury cruise sectors with 3 different cruise lines, luxury rail, camper and hotel arrangements in Australia and comprehensive advice on excursions offered at the numerous ports of call. 

Dear Simon,

We would like to thank you properly for your great efforts helping us arrange our six months’ holiday.

We approached you because of the recommendation of a good friend for whom you had arranged a trip to Canada. Our brief to you was a bit vague, stating mainly that we wanted a World Tour, taking in stopovers in British Columbia and Sydney, where we have old friends and relatives, and that we did not want to fly anywhere. 

Immediately, it seemed, you sent us details of sailings to New York and up the St Lawrence, and Rail from there to Victoria. However, because of the time of year we were free to go, although it would have been perfect for New England and Eastern Canada, by the time we got to Vancouver, the weather was not expected to be good, and even worse, we were unable to find a suitable sailing to take us on from there to Australia. We therefore decided to try going the other way round the world, and without demur, you again flooded us with details of sailings from the Mediterranean, where we live, to Australia by a variety of routes, accompanied by lots of good advice about the relative merits of the different cruise lines. This help and advice continued for six months over the planning and booking period, not only for the Cruise Lines (of which we used three) but for hotels and railways and vehicle hire in Australia, and you never stayed out of touch even during our travels, to remembering our anniversaries.

We must have exchanged more than 100 emails and telephone calls, as you attended to visas, chased answers from suppliers and generally removed any worry from our shoulders. You made us feel as if we were your only clients, whom I knew well was not the case, and we will always be grateful for the unstinting help you gave in what would have been for us very complicated arrangements without you. This is personal service which is extremely difficult to find nowadays, and we think of you now as a good friend. We have recommended you to other travelling friends who I hope have come to you, and I can assure you that if we ever want to do a long trip again, we will be on the phone to you first! We never made it to BC, so there is hope.

With our very best wishes to you and to Rosemary,
Martin and Vivien S (France)

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