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As a busy working family, we really enjoy spending quality time together on holiday – unfortunately, given time is often at a premium, we usually leave things until the last minute.  Thankfully, we found Carol and in the last 12 months or so she has been simply fantastic in helping us organise a number of trips and holidays.  From weekends in London as a treat for our Mum’s to 2 family holidays for us, nothing is ever too much trouble.  What I really value is Carol’s advice, she knows exactly what we’re looking for and recommends the best options for us often highlighting the pro’s and con’s, suggesting locations, hotels everything really!  When I say nothings too much trouble it really isn’t, there have been many a time when we’ve been backwards and forwards changing our minds, dates and locations and within hours she’s responded with a variety of revised options to consider.  We’ve already recommended Carol to others and its fair to say we’ve never been so organised with our holidays – we’re just looking forward to enjoying them now!


Thanks again for all your help.





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