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Back in 2015 I left my husband the task of organising our honeymoon – my friends thought I was mad but I was adamant that I wanted a surprise! He decided to use Carol at Designer Travel and our honeymoon was beyond perfect. We ended up in Mauritius and it was just everything a honeymoon should be and more and more!!!

We then booked our next holiday with one of the leading travel companies – we had a terrible time. We were completely mis-sold a 5* holiday and had problem after problem. We weren’t going to make the same mistake again. To spend months saving and looking forward to a holiday to be left disappointed is not a feel I would want anyone to experience.

This year we contacted Carol at Designer Travel and gave her the task of sorting our first family holiday with our 6 month old. We are the kind of couple who still wanted all the luxuries of a holiday but also realised it had to be suitable for our baby. In all honesty we didn’t think we would get what we wanted – that those type of holidays were over now we had our little boy. But Carol – as always – strove to find us our perfect holiday! She found us the “Princesa Yaiza” resort in Lanzarote. Carol simply blew our requests out of the water – to the point that my husband and I were both tearful on the final day (he probably won’t thank me for that!). Our first family holiday was just magical. It was a perfect combination of luxury and practicality!!

Both as a wife and a parent I couldn’t recommend Carol any more highly. Her hard work, commitment and attention to detail when trying to finding YOUR perfect holiday should never be overlooked. She has enabled us to create memories that we will look back on for a lifetime with great happiness.

Thank you so very much.

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