Hi Simon

Thank you so much for the flowers, they are beautiful and have a lovely scent – thank you so much, a wonderful surprise! I’ve brought them home to appreciate them!

We’re back at work with a bang, having taken time out and everyone so grateful for the trip, everyone is heads down and working hard, probably on a guilt trip! This time of year is particularly busy in a non-productive way for me, gathering up data from year end which gets finalised second week in January, which was while we were away. Various annual compliance events that fall in January and our Kick-Off Meeting for 2018 very much in the planning stage for presenting first week of February. So as you can see, hardly a moment to breathe since we’ve been back.

So – all flights – excellent. Everyone was very impressed – a bonus being the plane were not full on their trip out and neither on ours on the way back, so plenty of room.

Meet’n’Greet – excellent. Met by a friendly lady, accompanied all the way – perfect.

Hotel – absolutely beautiful. The staff were so friendly and polite, it was like having good friends around you the whole time. Rooms were lovely, buffet beautiful, all the lounges and bars adjoined the terraces and the beach and beach service were luxurious. It helped the weather was warm not too hot, it wasn’t crowded so you felt very special.

We held our main meeting outside alongside the beach bar and the staff were so helpful, ensuring space was reserved and the seats already in place for us. John held his 1:1 meetings at various locations but the access to the beach made it so easy to glide from one location to another.

The Pai Thai Restaurant had amazing food. A bit sterilised in the approach via the ‘souk’ – and the man-made canal, all a bit like a film set – but very pretty all the same and the restaurant itself comes highly recommended for future guests. We sat outside but there was a large garden area too, which looked beautiful.

The Sand Safari was hilarious – hill climb on sand – and was probably the most fun part of the whole trip. To hear the language of Sarah shouting words I didn’t know she knew was just so funny. It started with a falconry display which was a bit lip service – followed by the sand safari and then onto the ‘Bedouin Tents’. When they announced that the barbecue would be served and the belly dancer was to finish at 8:00pm we knew that if we were to fit in the camel ride and work with a falcon, it gave about 15 minutes for each, no sooner on the camel than time to get off, so we all gave that part a miss. I think we had such a good time in the 4x4s we were still laughing when we got to the ‘tent’ – marquee with cushions – and were quite happy to sit and drink and then eat before the journey back. A tremendous finale to our trip.

Meet’n’Greet arrived next morning, flight home just as good

All in all an excellent trip. Dubai was not my destination of choice for a holiday but I loved it. Not sure we saw Dubai itself, some of them were still finding their way around the hotel when it was time to leave – but everyone absolutely loved it.

A great choice of hotel – ok it’s a bit out of the way but the hotel itself made you happy to stay around. It was good to get out for the Thai Meal and again for the Safari, but other than that we were all happy to take advantage of being in such a beautiful hotel with such a lovely view and step out onto the beach within a few steps. Our rooms were marvellous.

So thank you for your recommendations and the bookings etc. etc. If I went back I would want to go back to the hotel just for the atmosphere – a bit like being dropped into a surreal, stateless location where everyone speaks English and you couldn’t name the country you were in, while remaining within the hotel.

Again thank you for the flowers, they really are lovely – and I hope you and yours are finally feeling much better. Must admit the air there was so good – cough disappeared while we there – definitely the right decisions on all fronts.

Take care and no doubt will be back when it comes to finally getting our next holiday sorted.

Kind regards


Photo: Ottoman Spa – Zabeel Saray (Hotel) 78

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