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I have recently booked my valued clients on a River Cruise for December 2016 – they told me they had to book this early to avoid disappointment! Then quite by chance I have been inundated with River Cruise brochures in the last few days…so much so that I have taken time out to learn more about this fast growing and exciting sector of the travel industry.

What an eye opener! I’ve cruised the Nile, (loved it) and of course I know about the main rivers of France and Germany but I hadn’t appreciated that there are so many amazing itineraries, so many themed and special interest cruises, and so many exciting and innovative companies offering them. There are more cruises in the Baltics, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Holland and even China to name but a few destinations. Each company, because of the diversity of their ships will offer a different ambience and a unique experience. Some ships are extremely elegant, some include excursions and gratuities as well as full board, offering great value for money, but all will offer an unforgettable holiday, of that I am assured.

And its not just the ocean-going cruise ships that can offer innovative design and an impressive service…I have discovered river cruise ships with butlers, a 1:3 staff to guest ratio, another with a terrace which lowers, so that it can still be used when going under bridges, and even one with a swimming pool with a retractable roof, which transforms into a cinema!

Having checked through these brochures, and various websites, river cruising has shot up to the top of my ‘bucket list’..my only dilemma is which itinerary and which ship to choose! I’m completely sold on the concept of combining history, culture and spectacular scenery with first class accommodation, sumptuous food, drink and great service, and all at a gentle pace!

The opening lyrics of the old song I referred to earlier  are – ‘Cruising down the river, on a Sunday afternoon, with one you love, the sun above, waiting for the moon’…. well that does it for me, any !… If you too would like to consider river cruising, please be in touch, it will be my pleasure to assist you.

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