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Overlooking the Sea of Oman, and 15 minutes from Muscat, is the lovely ‘resort of Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah. It is actually a complex of three, individual, beautifully designed hotels… Al Waha, Al Bandar and Al Husn. I was privileged to stay in Al Bandar, though I certainly explored the others too, and enjoyed many of the fabulous shared facilities.

Al Bandar is a five star hotel with 198 beautifully presented rooms, all facing the sea, and having great views. Its name means ‘The Town’ which reflects its style, being designed to mimic the old MUscat. There are some gorgeous places to eat, notably the Capri Court (Italian) and the superb Al Tanoor with its various ‘culinary stations’

Al Waha is the first hotel in Oman to be dedicated to families. Reached through a man-made tunnel hewn through the mountain’s first dedicated family hotel. With 262 fabulous generously sized rooms it is the largest of the three hotels. Al Waha means ‘The Oasis’ and again justifies its name, having a number of swimming pools and being surrounded by palm trees. It is pretty spectacular!…This hotel has a fabulous, very well equipped Cool Zone Kids Club and theres an Adventure Zone for all the family in the Shangri La’s own Omani Heritage Village.

Another great and unique fun feature!…Its easy to walk from the Al Bandar to Al Waha, but why bother when you can float along the lazy river which connects the two!

And finally there is the palatial Al Husn which offers the highest standards of quality and service. Predominately an adults ‘retreat’ (no under 16’s) it has 180 stunning rooms and suites. With the addition of complimentary mini-bar, afternoon tea and pre-dinner canapes and cocktails, it really offers something special. Its name means ‘The Castle’ and once again the architecture reflects its name. Amongst the dining choices are the Sultanah, with its quirky luxury cruise theme, and the stunning Shahrazad, authentic, Moroccan cuisine, and absolutely delicious!

Needless to say the resort offers a fine, fully equipped Fitness Centre, sauna, steamrooms and jacuzzi, and tennis courts if you really must be busy! But for me, I prefer a spa, and the secluded Chi Spa does not disappoint.

This beautifully appointed Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah, has a private and fully serviced main beach, stretching over 1 kilometre, and an additional secluded private beach for guests of the Al Husn.

I have seen a lot of sunrises and sunsets, those I experienced here are among the very best. The setting for this resort is stunning, with the shimmering sea and the mountain backdrop…This is a thoughtfully designed, unusual and beautiful group of quality hotels which I can thoroughly recommend.

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