About Caribbean & Mexico

The ultimate island getaway

Explore the beauty that the Caribbean and Mexico have to offer from atmospheric cities such as Havana to islands with some of the best beaches in the world like Anguilla. For travel seekers that are looking for a vibrant atmosphere, with an eclectic range of cuisines (not to mention the rum), infused with international influences look no further.

The large collection of islands brings together a spectrum of vibrant colours from the earthly greens of the flourishing forests, to the sandy white beaches. Dive into the crystal blue seas and view the beautiful corals and sea life that will bring your under-water experience to life.

With so many Caribbean islands and cultures to pick from, you will be able to focus on one or mix and match for your perfect island adventure. Wherever you are in the land where flavours burst, views enchant and beaches captivate one thing is certain: you are always likely to have a brilliant time. Explore the many accommodation options from ultra modern and luxurious hotels to the more traditional plantation style properties in the smaller more colonial islands.

Now you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that indulgent spas, championship golf courses and luxurious suites and villas are embedded through out the Caribbean. For families who are looking for a fun experience, look no further. Many of the hotels offer a vibrant and magical experience for the kids too!

The expectation of wading through a country of exoticism, vivid imagery, jungles and beautiful involvements, is one where it’s reality is exact. Lagoons with collections of wildlife accumulations and sandy beaches reach around 10,000km. Mexico is a thrill seekers dream with options for an endless adventure with a combination of nature and luxury.

Destinations in Caribbean & Mexico

Travel Information

Flying Time: 8 hours to the Caribbean and 11 hours to Mexico

Time: GMT -4 hours

Medical Information

We can provide general information about any health formalities required for your trip but you should check with your own doctor for your specific circumstances. Up-to-date travel advice can be obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Climate Information

Temperatures in the Caribbean vary little throughout the year. You can expect lows of about 21 degrees Celsius and highs of 32 degrees.

Rainfall varies from island to island, but rainfall is higher and heavier in the eastern islands like St.Lucia, Dominica and Martinique. Hurricanes can develop between June and November.

Leisure & Activities

Caribbean golf courses vary in standard, but there are many spectacular courses designed by top golf professionals. Some of the best courses are located in St.Kitts, Jamaica and Nevis.

Canopy Rides
Canopy rides enable you to experience the rain forests from high into the tree tops. One of the best places for this adventure is on the island of St.Lucia. An experienced guide will keep you informed of all the wildlife and plants as you “fly” across the canopy tops.

The Caribbean has an abundance of water falls for you to discover. Probably the most famous one is in Jamaica, the Dunns River Falls. You will be able to climb these spectacular falls starting at the beach. There are also impressive water falls on Tobago, Cuba and the Dominican Republic