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Our advice for travellers to Florida has always been to purchase theme park tickets in advance – not only does it allow you to budget before you travel but the packages provided exclusively for the UK market represent unbeatable value.

This has never been more true with the recent news announced by Disney through a blog posted this week that they are introducing seasonal pricing for day tickets.

Disney have said purchasing a one-day ticket in a non-peak period, or choosing multi-day tickets and annual passes “will provide additional flexibility and value”.

The new prices are now effective at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California, the operator’s two US parks.

One-day tickets cannot be sold in the UK market but this change to pricing acts as a reminder of the importance of booking in advance.

The Disney tickets sold in the UK have fixed, exclusive prices for the whole year regardless of whether they are used at peak or non-peak times and offer the option of 7; 14 and 21 day passes.

If you would ,like to know more about our theme park ticket options, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

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