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Tauck World Discovery – Classic Land Journeys

Tauck has pioneered the best ways to discover landmark sights around the world since 1958. destination_blogs include Europe, North America & Exotics which include Asia, Africa, South America, Australia & New Zealand. You are led by knowledgeable tour directors who are only employed by Tauck – they receive no additional income from selling extras; their sole purpose is to ensure clients have the best possible experience. Every necessary expense is included and you dine a la carte – no set menus or set tables. Tauck get allocated the most suitable rooms (room numbers on every departure are noted for any additional feedback). Tauck do things differently; they take you along the more scenic and leisurely Yellow Roads of Europe – they are noted for their award winning ‘voluntourism’ projects in national parks. Clients enjoy sightseeing adventures filled with in–depth cultural exploration and they include many unique experiences that only Tauck provides.

Tauck European River Cruising – Award-Winning Cruises

Tauck has two classes of ship: five in the Jewel Class and two in the new Inspiration Class sailing the Rhone, Saone, Seine, Danube, Rhine, Moselle and Main Rivers. The company offers the most space per guest and more large suites than any other European cruise operator with excellent rates for solo guests. Everything is included with unrivalled shore excursions, many of them private and exclusive to Tauck. Each sailing has several cruise Tauck directors not just the one.

Tauck Small Ship Cruising – Personalised Cruising

The company uses very special small motorised yacht vessels like the Le Ponant, Tere Moana and Wind Star combined with land stays. They also use deluxe mega yachts and expeditionary vessels with special equipment on board – sail aboard Le Soleal or Le Lyrial in South America or try their 13 day Antarctica sailing. All specialised excursions and most extras included.

Tauck Culturious – Tauck calls it small Group Immersion and it is a fun way for travellers to become actively involved with the local culture (as the title implies) – destination_blogs included Western USA and in Europe places like Tuscany, Venice, Florence, Rome, Vienna and much more. A popular tour is the Yellowstone wildlife safari accompanied by a naturalist.

All sorts of cultural, culinary and sport type activities and adventures are included.

Tauck Bridges – Worldwide adventures offering Inspiration & fun for families (and grandparents)

Tauck’s family tours and holidays offer a variety of journey and experiences guaranteeing all concerned a holiday of a lifetime. Perfect for creating lasting memories.

With one up-front price, Bridges trips are designed to immerse families in the places they visit with hands-on activities. Every Bridges adventure is carefully planned so that everyone has a great time from children to parents to grandparents.

Tauck Events – Once in a Lifetime Experiences

The company have several unique experiences planned for 2014 to 2016- expect something spectacular as it is arranged the ‘Tauck’ way. Events include a Paris or Vienna at New-Year Experience, Rio Carnival in February, The Kentucky Derby in May and much more.

 Small Group Travel and Solo Guests

Tauck offer great value for Solo Travellers with great savings on all European cruises and on select departures of their land trips worldwide. Their Small group departures are increasingly popular offering a more intimate travel experience.

All the different types of holidays have their own Tauck director/s included and many extra activities that other companies don’t always include are arranged.

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