Situated at the mouth of the Parramatta River, Greater Sydney and its extensive suburbs surround one of the world’s greatest natural harbours with dozens of bays and inlets. The main city centre lies on a promontory on the southern bank of the harbour, between the smaller inlets of Darling Harbour to the west and Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay to the east.

The main city centre covers 4 square miles and is divided into several areas. The Northern tip known as The Rocks is the main tourist area. Originally a dock and warehouse area, everything has been restored and converted to restaurants and boutiques. Here you can view the controversial Opera House across Circular Quay, and the Harbour Bridge which runs overhead and joins the city on the North shore. If you’re feeling brave you can try the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

South of Circular Quay the business area runs for about 1 mile with its huge skyscrapers overshadowing the older Victorian buildings. To the east lie the Royal Botanic Gardens, and the Domain and Hyde Parks.

Southwest is Darling Harbour; full of shops, restaurants and bars; a picturesque area to stay or visit. Close by is Sydney’s Theatre land and Chinatown.

Outside the central area are the hilly suburbs; Surry Hills mainly a Greek community and Elizabeth Bay, a leafy residential area. Lying between is the infamous Kings Cross (known as The Cross) a slightly sleazy but lively area full of small restaurants, shops and dubious entertainments. The attractive suburb of Newton which lies 3 miles south-west of Sydney, accessible by train, will please music lovers with its converted warehouses, unusual cafes and pubs offering everything from big bands to solo performances. The main shopping strip is the longest and most complete shopping precinct of the late Victorian and Federation period. For a world class view over cocktails try the Orbit Lounge Bar at the Summit Restaurant.

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