The Algarve stretches for over 100 miles along the southern coast of Portugal. With sunshine most of the year, countless sandy beaches and coves, it is the ideal holiday destination. And it has some of the best golfing available.

There are still traces of its Moorish origins in towns like Faro and Lagos. Faro, the Algarve’s capital, is an attractive town with a small harbour and compact historic old city, although it is often overlooked in favour of other resorts.

Lagos, at the far end of the Algarve, is also very attractive. The old town within the walls has been successfully pedestrianised and comes alive at night, with a wide selection of restaurants serving local fish and the famous chicken piri-piri.

There are a great many resorts to choose from and it is important to get the right one to suit your needs, as many areas are cut off and require a car, or have been over commercialised.

 Lisbon and the Estoril Coast

Another area of Portugal often passed by, Lisbon is a mixture of old and new, with designer goods sold in modern shops. Much of its heritage was destroyed by an earthquake in 1755. The Moorish influence is still seen in Alfama, the old part of Lisbon that survived the earthquake, with its medieval streets.

The Estoril coast stretches for around 20 miles west of Lisbon. The very attractive resorts of Estoril, Sintra and Cascais are served by a regular, efficient train service.

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