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It has been said that Malta, like Marmite, is a place you will either love or hate!…I love it, and I’d like to tell you why…

Malta, the largest of the three inhabited Islands of the Maltese Archipelago, is virtually in the centre of the Mediterranean, has year round sunshine and at less than the size of the Isle of Wight, is certainly do-able!

Its a fabulously interesting country – walled cities, baroque towns, sleepy villages and busy little fishing ports – there’s 7,000 years of history waiting to be discovered. Megalithic temples, over 360 churches, underground chambers, archaeological sites…my husband thought he had landed in the middle of Time Team!! Valletta, its capital and one of Malta’s three UNESCO World Heritage sites, is a wonderful bustling city, yet like so much of Malta, has a timeless atmosphere. It has been chosen to become the European Capital of Culture 2018. Across the Grand Harbour are The Three Cities, Viltoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, and then there is Rabat and’ the Silent City’ all worth a visit too! ..

Contrast all this with the lovely coastline offering great beaches, rocky coves and hidden caves. Malta offers safe swimming, amazing snorkeling and diving – many say the best in Europe, windsurfing and all the other water sports you would expect from a Mediterranean holiday.You can even swim with dolphins…no need to go to Florida!

Children are very welcome in Malta and there is plenty for them to see and do too – Water parks, the Aquarium, the Playmobil Funpark and even the original film set village from the movie Popeye is there to explore!

Its easy to get around Malta, there is a very extensive bus service, which is probably safer than hiring a car – although the Maltese drive on the left like us, they don’t always seem to follow the same ‘road-rules’!

Nightlife is in general quite low-key but Sliema and St Julian’s are full of great clubs, restaurants, bars and the like, Paceville is a mecca for young people…and Malta hosts some pretty fantastic major concerts throughout the year.

The Maltese love their ‘Festas’ parades and carnivals. Particularly at weekends, between May and September you are bound to come across one somewhere…in honour of their town’s Patron Saint, whose massively heavey statue they will carry through the streets accompanied by music, dance and great revelry! And then, as soon as its dark, you will have Fireworks! Malta is world renowned for its awesome Fireworks displays. Indeed they have an annual Firework Display in April which has to be seen to be believed!

Tourist accommodation is plentiful and varied – from quirky B & B’s,and hotels with unusual inner courtyards, through to elegant 5* Spa resorts, there is something for everyone’s budget, and with flights available from 19 UK airport, its easy to fly to in around four hours..

So this is a glimpse of the Malta I love – I hope you will go and love it too…

…And then there are the neighbouring Islands of Gozo and Comino, easily accessible by ferry…but that’s another story…..!



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