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Key west has a great amount of history and was once both the largest city in Florida and the wealthiest in the U.S due to the number of ship wrecks within it’s waters. Key west has also always been a favourite to visitors such as Ernest Hemmingway and Harry Truman to name but a few.

Take a historic tour on the world famous Conch Tour Train and the friendly staff will take you on a journey to remember around the beautiful Island. Explore the lush tropical island and discover the charm and grace of one of America’s most unique architectural treasures. They will transport you from bold Spanish explorers to brave ‘Wreckers’ to cigar barons and sponge magnates you will be transported from the golden age of settlement through the railroad age the depression and WWII.

Hemmingway lived in Key West in his most productive years and you will see his home you can also see Sloppy Joe’s where he played on Duval Street.

The sea and the story of Key West are entwined for centuries treasure ships and merchant vessels fell to treacherous reef’s and hurricanes and its waters still contain fabulous riches for those brave enough to seek them.

If you like nature one of the Island must see’s is the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory where you can walk among literally hundreds of butterflies and birds.

No visit to Key West is complete without trying Conch the local dish or taking home a souvenir in the form of a shell.

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