Gdansk in Poland

Prior to 1945 Gdansk was known as Danzig and most residents were Germans. The first shots of World War II were fired here on the 1st September 1939 which started the destruction of Poland with many millions left dead. Many think of Solidarity when Gdansk is mentioned – the famous strikes of workers from the former Lenin Shipyards in the 1970s against food price increases; led by the famous Lech Walesa. The government of the time was eventually forced to recognise the first independent trade union in the former Soviet Bloc.

The old medieval town of Gdansk is absolutely beautiful – mostly pedestrainised with cobbled streets. Most of the old buildings have been beautifully restored in the old town. .Most shops will take Euros but cafes prefer the local currency.

Places to Visit in Gdansk Old Town

The Prison Tower – The Golden Gate – The Armory – The Town Hall – The Fountain of Neptune – St Mary’s Basilica – The Crane (Krantor) – The Green Gate – St Nikolas’ Church – St Elizabeth’s Church – St Brigid’s Church – St Catherine’s Church – The Grand Mill – The Old Town Hall – Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers (Pomnik Poleglych Stoczniowcow) – Most places within walking distance of one another..

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Photo: The Crane (Kantor (RG) 33

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