Bermuda is sometimes confused with the Caribbean, which is 1000 miles south; Bermuda is classed as subtropical and not tropical. The main tourist season is from April to October – the ‘winter’ season has a mild climate when the beaches are best fro walking along.              

Things to Do

Many ships in the past were lost in the coral reefs off Bermuda and today the many ship wrecks offer interesting opportunities for divers. Apart from the many water sports, the island offers world class golf courses, deep sea fishing, tennis and horseback riding. The now covered over tracks of an old railway, ’Bermuda Railway Trail’ is ideal for walkers and bikers.

Laid Back Transport Arrangements.

There is no car hire; visitors may only rent scooters; they may also use the excellent extensive bus and ferry system, or take taxis. The highest speed limit anywhere on the island is 20 mph, sometimes less.

Colonial History influenced by both Britain and America

With a British colonial history that dates back nearly four centuries, the island offers numerous historical attractions including the small town of St George, the former capital, which holds considerable historical importance with much of its old charm has been preserved.

Although Bermuda is made up of several islands, all the main ones are linked and nowhere on the island is more than an hour to the modern capital of Hamilton.

Bermuda is a beautiful island quite unique having being influenced by both the British and Americans which seems quite proper when you explore the important past the island played in the exploration of the ‘New World’ and the early settlement of several US states

Two Centre Holidays from various UK Airports

For the UK visitor two centre holidays can easily be arranged taking in either Boston or New York and them relaxing in Bermuda.

All details quoted are thought to be correct at time of posting but are always subject to confirmation at time of booking

Photo: Beach at Fairmont Southampton Hotel (Fairmont) 147

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