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For some, the idea of spending 3 hours at an airport prior to departure is thrilling!…the perfect opportunity to shop-till-you-drop, cover yourself in every fragrance known to man,  hope that there are lots of free samples of the latest tipples to try… and finally, take up the challenge of finding a comfy seat on which to wait out the remaining time!

For me, all of the above no longer holds any interest (except maybe a quick squirt of my favourite perfume, which I have to pass on the now mandatory route from security to airside) and since I discovered the peace and calm of airport lounges some years ago, my airport experience has become one of pleasure and a perfect opportunity to ‘wind down’ after the sometimes fractious journey to the airport.

Most major airports offer a choice of lounges, costing an average of £25-£30 a head. For that you have up to 3 hours in comfortable surroundings, with free access to wifi, newspapers, tv etc…and most importantly snack food, beverages and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks …all of which are inomplimentary, and in most cases, unlimited. Some lounges have showers and business centres too. Others have spa facilities, and more extensive food menus, though usually at an extra charge.

We enjoyed Gatwick’s No 1 Lounge this time…for breakfast – bacon butty, poached egg pot, fruit, cereals, pastries, cheese and biscuits, fruit juices, great coffee (and a cheeky gin and tonic!) Comfy sofas, no noise…what’s not to love!…

The big bonus with this lounge is that you also get to go through Premium/Fast Track Security… hardly ever a queue…but even at peak times it is never as busy as the usual security lanes….almost makes flying from Gatwick a pleasure!

So, next time you are planning a holiday, maybe you would like to consider an airport lounge…it will my pleasure to advise and book it for you!…


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