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In all of the Disney parks they operate a FASTPASS policy. Your tickets allow you to ‘FASTPASS’ a ride every two hours or less if your previous fast pass expires before 2 hours. The theory here is to head to the busiest ride as soon as you get in the park and use the FASTPASS. This will give you a ticket to return at a certain time during the day with a short wait rather than a long queue. After two hours or when your first one has been used you can use the FASTPASS again. As you can park hop (switch parks) with your tickets you can visit more than one park in a day. This means you can also just go for an evening parade; sometimes you may wish to have a day by the pool and then just go to a park in the late afternoon rather than being there all day.

Universal FASTPASS known as Express Pass

These parks operate a different system and here you can buy locally an Express Pass which is approx £15-£20 each, this allows you to jump the queue with average wait times of 15 minutes instead of hours! You need to be there early though as they only sell so many and they are usually sold out by 11 o’clock. You are restricted to only one per ride; with the more expensive Express VIP Pass you can return to each ride as many times as you like.

Universal Two Parks

These are next door to each other so if the kids have loved one of the rides then you can use your tickets to enter each as many times as you like for the full 14 days.

Making the most of your time

You can park hop (switch parks) with your tickets which means you can visit more than one park in a day. Give yourself a break and just go to an evening parade, spending the day by the pool and visiting a park late afternoon rather than being there all day. Car parking at all parks is payable locally and if you switch parks you only pay parking once per day at Disney. Average car park is £10 per day.

 Ticket Options. …....present costs and conditions…subject to change

(Over 9 years is classed as an adult)

Orlando Freedom Ticket – this includes everything for Disney, Universal and SeaWorld £440 per person (not discovery Cove though)

 OR buying them separately:

Disney 14 days £260 per person

Universal 2 park valid for 14 days £99 per person

SeaWorld and Aquatica £84 per person valid for 14 days

Universal, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens combined £190 per person

Discovery Cove Dolphin Swim if available £220 per person**

Discovery Cove non swim day £120 per person **

** These also include SeaWorld and Aquatica so are quite good value if you are thinking of a more relaxing day out.

Please ask for an update on these prices and conditions

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